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Back in the eighties and nineties Crook was a splendid night out. For a small market town there was plenty of boozers to choose from, most of which are still soldiering on today. Notable exceptions are The Sun, The Fleece and The Mill, though never say never as far as at least one of those goes. Aaanyhoo, cos neeone had any better ideas, here’s another vegas shirt, this time in celebration of the craicing nights spent in Crook!

The Anthem hoodie from What’s Thy Craic is the ultimate in luxury and comfort (git posh). This premium garment stands out with its thick, 320gsm peached fabric and has been meticulously designed with a plush, soft-feel finish both inside and out.

Highlights include a waffle knit hood, polished nickel-free eyelets, and a matching drawcord, complemented by a brushed fleece interior for ultimate warmth. Detailing like twin-needling and ribbed cuffs ensure durability and a superior finish, while its ethical certifications promise a product as conscientious as it is exquisite.


Anthem Hoodies