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One we’d made it out of 1989 alive and onto the nineties, the eighties looked particularly naff. The ridiculous fashions, the rubbish music, shoulder pads, massive hair, everything. It’s only in the last 10 years, looking back that I’ve become really nostalgic about it, especially the places. One such place was the Handyside Arcade which by the time I’d got there was all but deserted though it was still the highlight of a Saturday trip to Newcastle on the bus to buy Hippy Juice, Jos Sticks, Records, Badges and Patches. What an idiotic decision it was to raze this glorious arcade and eradicate a hive of memories for decades of folks.

A Unisex heavy pullover hoodie with side pockets, by Continental Clothing Company. Manufactured from 3ply, 320g 100% Combed Cotton, certified by the soil association. A canny little woven label finishes this shirt proving it’s absolutely Genuine Bishop Craic. If that isn’t quite environmentally friendly enough for you, we’ve even sourced Recyclable and Biodegradable bags to ship them in.


Continental Clothing Company

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